Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Now Available on FarmRaiser

January 25, 2018 / All / Comments: 0

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Banner

We’re excited to announce our newest partner, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE), as a seed supplier on the FarmRaiser platform. Located in beautiful Mineral, Virginia, SESE is a worker-run cooperative that offers 700+ varieties of seeds. They work with over 50 growers to bring their customers heirloom and organic fruit, vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. 

For FarmRaiser, they’re making available three special offer seed kits: Herbs & Flowers, Spring Salads, or Rainbow Vegetables. These are perfect for kids and adults of all ages.

Start fundraising with Southern Exposure by signing up here.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange logo


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2017 Tastemakers: Farmraiser Feature in Eating Well Magazine

September 8, 2017 / All, FarmRaiser in the News / Comments: 0

Many thanks to Christine Burns Rudalevige, of Eating Well Magazine, for the special article written on our Founder and CEO, Mark Abbott. The article is featured in the September/October print edition of Eating Well. We are excited to be listed among Eating Well’s 2017 “tastemakers”, as Eating Well has been at the forefront of the healthy eating movement for the past 25 years, emphasizing good taste, good health, and sustainability. Follow this link to access the article!

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Everything You Need to Know About Champs

August 23, 2017 / All / Comments: 0

Wondering whether to have champs register in your upcoming FarmRaiser campaign? We’ve answered your burning questions below.

What are champs? Champs are the individual students, organization members, staff, etc.who want to sell in your campaign. They’re your fundraiser’s biggest stars–the “feet on the ground” that raise money for their cause while educating their customers on the importance of healthy choices and their regional food system. 

Why should I instruct champs to register?  Champs registering makes your life easier and increases your sales! Every $10,000+ campaign on our platform has included champs. Benefits of champs include…

  • Personalization of the fundraiser, which results in higher sales. Each champ who registers to sell in your FarmRaiser receives her own custom marketplace/URL to share and gains access to our mobile app for paperless, face-to-face sales. 
  • Goal Tracking: You can set specific fundraising goals for champs, then use our sales tracker to see how close each champ is to her goal throughout the sale. At the end of your sale, we can share a breakdown of each champ’s proceeds (what they keep) from their sale.
  • Easy distribution: This is the best part! At the end of the sale, you can access a report that breaks down the products ordered through each champ’s market, along with that champ’s customer receipts…all in one place. Simply put orders together by champ, then the champ takes orders home to distribute to his/her customers.

How can I get champs engaged? For more information about champ engagement, view our blog post here.

What if I don’t want champs?  That’s ok! If you do not wish to have champs register, just share your main campaign page…frequently and enthusiastically! While customers’ purchases will not be affiliated with a specific champ, you can access customer contact info through your admin dashboard. Here’s a great resource for maximizing sales with no champs.

What if I have more questions? Happy to answer– 🙂


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Vendors: Increase Your Sales with These Tips!

July 11, 2017 / All / Comments: 0

blog sales graphic

Congratulations on becoming a Farmraiser partner, and for your success this past year!

We know you’re wondering: how do I increase my sales this upcoming year?

Good news! Successes like those of High Mowing Organic Seeds in Vermont (over 110 FarmRaisers in the last year alone) and  Higher Grounds Coffee in Michigan (over $5300 in products sold) are easy to replicate using our tools.


  1. Share your public FarmRaiser page on social media.

People can sign up to fundraise with your products right on your page!

  1. Include FarmRaiser in your next customer newsletter. Here’s some sample text:

Sell your favorite (company) products in your next fundraiser! We’re proud to support community causes by partnering with FarmRaiser, a team of healthy local fundraising experts who’ll get you set up with a custom website, access to their mobile app, and sales tools when you schedule your fundraiser here. Free, noncommittal sign up!

  1. Install your FarmRaiser iframe on your website: Folks who want to fundraise with your products sign up right on your website. They enter their school name and email, then we follow up with everything they need.
    1. How to Access your iframe code:
      1. Log in to your vendor account and click on your logo on the top right of your screen
      2. Select the “Manage Products” option
      3. Click “Your iframe code” to receive the html for your iframe. Embed this code on your website (if you have a fundraising page, even better!) and watch the signups roll in.


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Fight Malnutrition with High Profit, Healthy Fundraisers

March 2, 2017 / All / Comments: 0

Fundraise with an all-natural peanut butter, and spread some good worldwide! Sell Good Spread Peanut Butter at a 45% profit and help malnourished children in the process.

MANA in North Korea

Good Spread creates an all-natural, delicious peanut butter using simple and nutritious ingredients. Plus, for every jar of Good Spread sold, Good Spread donates a treatment packet of lifesaving, vitamin fortified peanut butter called MANA to malnourished children around the world. To date, Good Spread has provided 450,000 treatments of MANA to children in Chad, Nicaragua, and Uganda.

good spread kitchenGood Spread uses good ol’ fashioned non-GMO peanuts, honey, a touch of salt, and a 100% sustainably sourced palm oil to give it that creamy, no-stir texture you love. In addition, partnership with MANA embodies Good Spread’s founding mission to spread good by helping to produce and distribute MANA to children who need it most.

Create a Good Spread fundraiser today, and empower students to sell healthy products in their community while simultaneously helping to save lives.

Happy fundraising!

The Team at Good Spread


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What flowers grow on faces?

February 8, 2017 / All / Comments: 0

Hi there, FarmRaiser friend! Here’s a riddle to reveal the new product available for FarmRaisers nationwide!

Q: What flowers grow on faces?

A: Tulips (Two-lips)!


That’s right–you can now sell fresh cut tulips for your Mother’s Day or spring fundraiser!

FarmRaiser is proud to connect you with RoozenGaarde Garden Center, whose award-winning tulips will delight your supporters while helping you raise money for your cause. As the sun comes out and Mother’s Day approaches, your customers will be buying flowers anyway…they might as well help fund your school garden, playground, or trip!

FarmRaiser makes a tulip sale fundraiser easy. Use our platform to pre-sell tulips from a beautifully curated market, then let us worry about ordering. No more confusing order forms, paying for product up-front, or guessing on order size. Also, if you currently host a “market day” where you sell flowers the day of the event, talk with us about how our order and logistics management can make your life easier!

Ready to sell these gorgeous fresh cut tulips? Sign up today (it’s free!) or log in and schedule your next campaign to get started!

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Build a Fundraising Page — FarmRaiser makes it easy for you to launch your fundraising business

November 16, 2016 / All / Comments: 0

For farmers, artisans and business looking to grow their fundraising sales, or launch a new fundraising business, FarmRaiser has created a new feature to help you easily sign up new fundraising customers with a customized sign up form that you can drop into your site Take a look at the pages some of our partners have created using our sample page as a guide.

High Mowing Organic Seeds expects to do over 200 fundraising sales on FarmRaiser in 2016, building on their existing customer base Terra Organics, from Tacoma,started fundraising sales in 2016, and is rapidly growing their business with school fundraisers


Rescue Recycle Reuse, from Los Angeles, just launched their fundraising business with FarmRaiser


To generate your custom sign up form that allows your customers to register for a healthy fundraiser featuring your products, login to your account and click on the </> Your IFrame Code.  Copy the text from the pop-up window and paste it into the html of your website. If you have any questions or need help with this, contact your cultivator.


 Want more resources for growing your fundraising business? Check out our post here:

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Schools turn to farm products, local artisans in fundraising efforts – Washington Post

November 16, 2016 / FarmRaiser in the News / Comments: 0

Thanks to Alejandra Matos from the Washington Post for the wonderful article on FarmRaiser’s healthy approach to fundraising using local, farm and artisan products.  The article showcases the benefits to schools, farmers, and supporters of the fundraiser and highlights Alexandria Country Day School, Glaize Apples, Blue Ridge Produce, and Undone Chocolates.

Elizabeth Lockwood hands Evelyn Tucker, 11, the apples she bought while farmer David Glaize watches, in front of the Alexandria Country Day School in Alexandria, Va., on Nov. 5. Schools are changing the way they raise funds through FarmRaiser. (Kate Patterson/For The Washington Post) 

Source: Schools turn to farm products, local artisans in fundraising efforts – The Washington Post

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Your Easiest Holiday Fundraiser

As October draws to a close, it’s time to plan your holiday fundraiser. Whether your groups raises money by selling holiday wreaths, Christmas trees, poinsettias or holiday goody baskets, FarmRaiser can help you plan and host an easy effective fundraiser for your school, group, club or nonprofit. We’ve developed a great network of wreath suppliers across the country, as well as dozens of nurseries that can deliver the highest quality poinsettias to make your holiday season bright. Of course, we have hundreds of healthy, local products that you can combine into a holiday basket that work equally well as a corporate gift, or as a treat for friends and family. To help ensure the success of your winter holiday fundraiser, we recommend you schedule your campaign by early November. Some suppliers need additional time to deliver these special holiday products.

If you’re looking for the easiest holiday fundraiser, we recommend a holiday wreath fundraiser. We have recruited a network of suppliers that can bring you high-quality, American-made, holiday wreaths. The fundraising campaign is ready to go, and all we need from you is an email confirmation, and date you’d like to start selling. Send an email to reserve your wreath fundraiser today.

Hosting a Christmas Tree sale is another great holiday fundraiser. If your school or nonprofit organization already hosts a tree sale, you can use FarmRaiser to manage your pre-sales, accept credit cards, and pay your Christmas tree vendor so you don’t have to purchase in advance or guarantee the sales. Want to know more? Send Lauren an email.

Poinsettia fundraisers are a holiday favorite for churches, schools, and nonprofits. These plants “bloom” with brightly colored foliage around Christmastime, and brighten your home with holiday cheer. In select areas of the country, we have access to exceptional, florist quality poinsettias for your fundraiser. To find out if they are available for your holiday fundraiser, login to your FarmRaiser account and schedule a campaign.  Poinsettias are often grown to order, so if you’re scheduling after October 1st, there may be limited supplies, so book your campaign soon to get the best selection.

If you’re not ready to book your holiday fundraiser this year, but are still interested in becoming part of the the healthy fundraising revolution, check out these other healthy fundraising ideas for your school, band, team, club, or non profit organization. Whether you need money for your latest robotics competition, or a class trip, FarmRaiser can help you create an authentic, healthy, and local option for your cause.

Want to see what other great fundraising products are available for your group? Simply login to your FarmRaiser account and create a new campaign (even if you don’t have the dates finalized). You will then be able to see the seasonal, local and fresh products that are available in your area.

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Good Food Takes on the School Fundraiser | Chris Hardman: Writer

October 21, 2016 / All, FarmRaiser in the News / Comments: 0

More great coverage about FarmRaiser from writer, Chris Hardman. Many people underestimate the size and scope and downright unpleasant nature of school fundraising — Chris sees how FarmRaiser provides a real alternative to the billion-dollar junk food and junk product fundraising market.


OCTOBER IS NATIONAL Farm to School month. It’s one of those “take the pledge” times of year that catapults school fundraising season into overdrive. And with the designation comes all the familiar …

Source: Good Food Takes on the School Fundraiser | Chris Hardman: Writer

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