Bird Friendly Coffee New Fundraising Treat

birds and beans coffee

When you’re little, you ask your parents about the birds and the bees, but have you ever asked about the birds and the beans? You should, because you’ll get quite the lesson in bird conservation and sustainable coffee production.

Birds & Beans Coffee has joined FarmRaiser to offer it’s bird friendly coffee for your next fundraiser.

Bird friendly coffee certificationWhy does bird friendly coffee matter? Birds need shade to thrive. Most coffee farms are in clear cut forests, so bird populations truly suffer under these conditions. Having a “Bird Friendly®” certification means that Birds and Beans Coffee is grown on family farms in Latin America that provide a forest-like habitat for our feathered friends.

In addition to being good for the birds, Birds & Beans Coffee is great for the plant as a whole. They’re Fair Trade and Organic certified. This triple certification means they’re one of the most sustainable coffee producers you’ll find in the US.

Start your fundraiser with Birds & Beans Coffee today!

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