As More Schools Turn to Food Fundraising, FarmRaiser Takes it Local

September 24, 2014 / All, FarmRaiser in the News / Comments: 0

When Mark Abbott’s son was in fourth grade, his local elementary school recruited students and their families to participate in a fundraiser for the school. After successfully selling cookie dough and candy to friends and family, Abbott’s son remarked that he had just sold $400 worth of things the family would never eat at home. “It’s too bad we couldn’t try something healthy like apples,” said his son.

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Students sell local food for school and businesses

August 27, 2014 / All, FarmRaiser in the News / Comments: 0

TRAVERSE CITY — Leelanau Montessori Public School Academy pupils sold nearly $3,700 worth of locally grown and produced foods through a recent fundraiser.

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FarmRaiser Named Winner of Seattle Sustainable Food Business Competition!

April 6, 2014 / All, FarmRaiser in the News / Comments: 0

We had the great opportunity to participate in an inspiring and exciting event in Seattle on April 3rd, featuring both highly successful local players in the natural foods industry and new businesses poised to make some waves in the Seattle area food scene and beyond.

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What FarmRaiser’s All About!

March 18, 2014 / About FarmRaiser, All, Healthy Fundraising Ideas / Comments: 0

Reinventing School Fundraisers with Local, Healthy Food! FarmRaiser founder, Mark Abbott, had finally had enough of his kids hawking unhealthy products to their family, friends, and neighbors when he decided to found new school fundraising company, FarmRaiser. This reinvention of the time-honored tradition of product-based school fundraising eliminates the unhealthy, sugar-laden products chock full of […]

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Helping schools raise funds in conjunction with local farms

February 25, 2014 / All, FarmRaiser in the News / Comments: 0

When it comes to fund-raising projects at schools these days, it seems like the offerings are limited to junk food and wrapping paper. Mark Abbott found a way to change that.

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