Healthy Snacks to Fuel Young Readers

With the first day of school just around the corner, we’re rested and ready to help you meet your fundraising goals! Whether it’s for purchasing supplies, funding a fall field trip, or supporting your PTA programs, FarmRaiser is here to help.  As you work with your school’s administration and PTA to plan your fundraisers for the 2016-2017 school year, keep in mind that you can customize FarmRaisers for every season and event–including Back to School! Here are a couple of our favorite ideas to welcome your families back:

Healthy Snacks for Kids:

Say goodbye to chips and candy! Instead, how about selling healthy snacks (perfect for backpacks and lunchboxes!) like fresh fruit, kale chips, carrots and hummus, and more? Contact your cultivator to see what healthy snacks are available in your area currently. If you have a favorite locally produced snack you’d like to see in a FarmRaiser, you can tell us about it or send the farmer/artisan this email to help make it available on our platform.

Celebrate Food literacy Month and Connect Kids to Healthy Food with a  Readers to Eaters Books Sale:

September is Food Literacy Month, a month dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge of food literacy. Food literacy is the understanding of the impact of your food choices on your health, the environment, and the economy. Simply put, what are the consequences of what you eat? There’s no better way to celebrate this month than to raise money for your cause by promoting food literacy! FarmRaiser’s awesome partnership with Readers to Eaters, an award winning food literacy nonprofit, enables you to sell books that help kids understand where food comes from and how healthy food fuels us to be our best selves. These books are great on their own or sold in conjunction with other healthy local products. You can check out the whole catalog of Readers to Eaters educational books here.  R2E-2015-FlyerZ

In addition, you can ask your cultivator about how to earn free books for your school library when you sell them in a FarmRaiser.

Sign up for free or log in to your existing account and create a campaign today to get started, or feel free to contact your cultivator to plan your year of FarmRaisers!

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