It’s Tea Time at FarmRaiser with Culinary Teas

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Tea PotThere’s nothing better than sipping on a freshly steeped cup of tea on a beautiful Spring day. It’s a fact both you and your potential fundraising supporters now so well. That’s why we’re bringing on a new and exciting tea vendor to the FarmRaiser fundraising platform. Culinary Teas has made dozens of their tea and coffee products available for you to include in your next fundraiser. From green to fruit teas, herbals and black teas, and everythGreen Tea Cuping in between.

Culinary Teas says, “we believe in a gourmet tea for every taste”. In business for over 17 years, Culinary Teas specializes in providing the highest quality teas and greatest selection that you can find. They carry over 400 different teas, so you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love. Tea is the perfect fundraiser. Did you know that worldwide tea is the second most consumed beverage, behind only water?! Over the years, Culinary Teas has worked with dozens of organizations to help them raise funds for there important causes. Let them work for you on your next fundraising cause!

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