Sugary Soda Will Kill You

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Warning: the following infographic may be dangerous to your soda consumption. After surviving the onslaught of halloween candy, you may think you are safe, but added sugar lurks everywhere (but mostly in soft drinks). As addictive as cocaine, and as pervasive as salt (a compound we actually need to survive), the average american child consumes 32 teaspoons of added sugar per day, over three times the American Heart Association’s recommended maximum. The consequences of overconsumption of sugar include obesity, hypertension, diabetes and more. One third of our excess sugar consumption comes from drinking sugary drinks like energy drinks and soda pop.

One of FarmRaiser’s goals is to raise awareness among our student champions about the value of healthy food choices. While it’s too early to know for sure, we believe that selling healthy, local products will give kids the information they need to make better choices in their own diets. If you, or your children have a good FarmRaiser story, drop us a line, and we’ll feature it in a blog post or in our newsletter.

Nursing your sweet tooth


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Community Gardens Can Improve Your Mental Health, Study Shows

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People who garden for at least 30 minutes a week experience better moods.

Source: Community Gardens Can Improve Your Mental Health, Study Shows

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October Newsletter

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F2S Action Day share graphicOctober is national Farm-to-School Month, a cause that is near and dear to FarmRaiser. We believe in a future where kids and schools get healthy fresh food from local farms, so please take a few minutes today, and learn how you can help bring that vision to reality. The short version is that Farm-to-School makes a difference, and we need your help to continue this progress during today’s Big Day of Action.

1. Farm to School Works.
 After a few years of experience with farm-to-school programs across the country, there is enough data for academic researchers to demonstrate with replicable studies what you already know in your heart: kids eat more healthy food in schools with farm-to-school programs. Read more on the USDA site.

2. We need your help to carry this forward.  Earlier this year, Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Thad Cochran (R-MS), and Reps Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) and Marcia Fudge (D-OH) introduced the Farm to School Act of 2015. With additional support from your Members of Congress, this bill can become part of the Child Nutrition Act reauthorization (CNR) package.  The bill would be a major win for kids, farmers and communities around the country, but it won’t pass Congress without your support, so please join us and thousands of others this Thursday, Oct. 22, for a Big Day of Action as we urge Congress to pass a CNR that strengthens farm to school programming across the country.

3.  Learn More. Stay Involved. 

Let’s face it, kids won’t eat healthy foods simply because they are good for them, or because you tell them the should. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent marketing junk food to children, and to break through that advertising noise, we need an authentic experience, like a Pure Food Kids workshop, or Growing a School Garden. We hope that with great partnerships with educators, programs, and extracurricular experiences, FarmRaiser will be part of the movement that connects kids with real food, and helps shape a lifetime of healthy eating choices.

Locally yours,

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” –Paul Prudhomme July 13, 1940 – October 8, 2015


stampWOW!  This past month has been incredible for our Producer Partners and FarmRaiser Organizers. With over 30 Campaigns in 10 States, we are starting to see what FarmRaiser will look like at scale. We’re averaging over $1000/day in sales, and the school year is just getting started. Our Cultivators have been working their tails off, solving problems, ironing out the kinks in our system and helping make each campaign a success.  So, don’t be shy about sending them some love, (or constructive criticism, we like that too).

Tips for Selling with Social Media. Sure, it’s great to have great products, an online market, and the ability to sell from your Facebook account, but unless your friends and supporters know about it, they won’t buy anything. Read our blog post on using social media to boost your sales, and get your network working for you.

If you’d like to become a FarmRaiser vendor, and have your products sold in school fundraisers, support great local causes, grow your business, sign up here. We’ve got dozens of new campaigns coming online each month and each one is looking for a great set of products to sell. Already a vendor, and want to learn how to get a campaign going in your area? Login to your account and get your products into the marketplace. No login? Having trouble with the platform? email your Cultivator.

Is there a resource or piece of news you’d like to share with FarmRaiser? We want to hear about it! Tweet to @FarmRaiser or email us at


Featured Partner: Goodness Greeness in Chicago

We just partnered with, Goodness Greeness Chicago’s premier organic home delivery service to make healthy fundraising a snap. Their popular Box FundraisingProgram, Greens4Green$ is now backed by FarmRaiser’sonline marketplaces and mobile apps to help you raise money for your school by selling the best produce in the Midwest.  With a customized portal and discount codes, Goodness Greeness customers can easily transition to healthy fundraising with FarmRaiser. Contact your Goodness Greeness Representative for a coupon code to boost your first FarmRaiser campaign. Get Started Today


FarmRaiser shows off in San Francisco
Last week, we got nominated for a prestigious spot in the “Demo Pit” at Launch Scale, a tech conference in San Francisco, attended by over 5,000 companies in the process of growing. While we have never considered ourselves to be the next Uber or AirBnB, it was great to hear such positive feedback about our model, our technology, and our products, from experienced and savvy entrepreneurs and investors. We used the opportunity to showcase the amazing kids from Kennedy Robotics Team and help them raise money for their next competition.

Start a campaign

Supply a campaign 

Learn more about us

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Tips for Selling with Social Media


Facebook is more than just pictures of kids and cute animal videos. I know, sometimes I find that hard to believe myself, but when you have a message that matters to your community (help support my school) and a simple call to action (by buying some delicious local products by clicking here), you can meet your fundraising goals quickly.

There are two keys to getting people to read, click, and link to your post. The first key is making sure you “Like” FarmRaiser, the Organization/Cause, and the Producer/Vendor on Facebook. The second is using @tagging to make sure your post shows up in our feed, the vendor and organization feeds and your friends’ feeds. Use the @ symbol in front of a company name or friend’s name, and Facebook and Twitter will automatically notify them.  We put together an easy one page guide with suggested posts throughout the course of your campaign. Download it here, give it a try, and let us know how it works. 

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October 24th is Food Day 2015 

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Food Day 2015 is almost here. It’s a day of inspiration, action, and personal and political change and you are hereby invited to be part of it. Every October 24, thousands of events bring people together to celebrate and enjoy real food and to push for improved policies. The theme for this year is “Toward a Greener Diet.” Take a few minutes to visit the Food Day site, and plan to be part of an event in your community. The resource page from Food Day is incredible, and can help you find, plan, and carry out events.

Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.

Source: Food Day

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Farm to school works! 

October 15, 2015 / All, Farm-to-school, Local Food and Amazing Products / Comments: 0

After a few years of experience with farm-to-school programs across the country, there is enough data for academic researchers to demonstrate with replicable studies what you already know in your heart: kids eat more healthy food in schools with farm-to-school programs. Read more on the USDA site.

For us, this reinforces our belief that teaching kids about local food and farming with a FarmRaiser campaign will have effects beyond just raising money — there could be lasting changes to eating habits and food choices in the students who participate, particularly when combined with curriculum activities like school gardening, farm visits, or other activities.

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Goodness Greeness + FarmRaiser = Healthy Fundraising for Chicagoland

We just partnered with, Goodness Greeness Chicago’s premier organic home delivery service to make healthy fundraising a snap. Their popular Box Fundraising Program, Greens4Green$ is now backed by FarmRaiser’s online marketplaces and mobile apps to help you raise money for your school by selling the best produce in the Midwest.  With a customized portal and discount codes, Goodness Greeness customers can easily transition to healthy fundraising with FarmRaiser. Contact your Goodness Greeness Representative for a coupon code to boost your first FarmRaiser campaign.


FarmRaiser and Goodness Greeness are thrilled to announce a partnership to revolutionize the world of school fundraising.

Whether you’re raising funds for your band, soccer team, or PTA, with six varieties of Boxes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that works for your organization. With FarmRaiser’s instant online markets and handy mobile app, sales are a snap, and since the produce comes from Goodness Greeness, you know it’s fresh, local and certified Organic.

It turns out, your friends, family and neighbors are much more excited about supporting your cause if they can do it by buying fresh produce from their favorite local farms. So surf on over to FarmRaiser and start fundraising the healthy way.

Goodness Greeness

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Two Actions for National Farm to School Month

October 6, 2015 / All / Comments: 0

FarmRaiser salutes Farm to School month with two easy things you can do to help connect schools and kids with healthy, local food.

  1.  Please take a minute and visit the National Farm to School site below, and mark your calendars for the Big Day of Action on Oct 22, when Congress will consider reauthorization of the  Child Nutrition Act.
  2. We also suggest that you take matters into your own hands, and start a FarmRaiser today and start building relationships between your local producers and your school, giving kids an opportunity to become advocates for healthy eating.

October is National Farm to School Month! Join us as we celebrate the connections happening all over the country between children and local food. From taste tests in the cafeteria and nutrition education activities in the classroom, to farm visits and school garden harvest parties, schools, preschools, communities and organizations in all 50 states and D.C. will be celebrating this October.

Source: Farm to School Month

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Hemingway Elementary Makes News with Their Second Annual FarmRaiser

September 30, 2015 / All, FarmRaiser in the News / Comments: 0

Back for their second Fall FarmRaiser, students and parents at Hemingway Elementary are raising money for their school with local “beyond organic” meat supplier Wood River Sustainability Center and Idaho’s Bounty local food coop. Way to Hemingway Huskies!

Students at Hemingway Elementary are launching their second annual Farm Raiser tomorrow. The students hope to raise money for their school by selling locally made foods throughout the community.

Source: Hemingway Elementary students launch Farm Raiser fundraising campaign

    The Hemingway Elementary School Parent Auxiliary will host its second annual Farm Raiser beginning Friday, Sept. 25. Students will sell organic produce and locally made food to raise money for educational programs, classroom supplies, teacher enrichment and special school events.

Source: School to host Farm Raiser – Idaho Mountain Express Newspaper: Briefs

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Strengthening the Hunger Free Kids Act

September 14, 2015 / All / Comments: 0

Healthy School Lunches work

Get the facts about the benefits of strong nutrition standards for school food from this featured on the USDA’s Storify account. For the past three years kids have eaten healthier breakfasts and lunches in schools, and as a result:

  • there has been an increase in consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables at school
  • we have seen a drop in rates of childhood obesity
  • most schools are meeting the standards
  • the standards have received strong support from families and teachers
  • it only costs about 6 cents extra per meal to meet these standards
  • food waste has not decreased
  • better nutrition leads to better academic performance

It’s worth a quick read for the infographics, quick facts and myriad arguments for renewing the school food standards in the Hunger Free Kids Act.

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