What’s the Queen Bee All About — Red Headed Honey Explains

Red Headed Honey Lip Balm

You’re in for a royal treat! Niki at Red Headed Honey is one of our newest FarmRaiser suppliers and offering her royal jelly as part of her honey products.

What makes Royal Jelly so special? The product is quite difficult to harvest and will only be produced by the bees when a hive doesn’t have a queen. In a normal hive’s cycle, there are times when a hive will split and the worker bees will begin secreting royal jelly. Niki is especially sensitive to her bees needs and makes sure to respect their natural cycles by extracting royal jelly only when it’s in the bee’s best interest.
Red Headed Honey Royal Jelly

You can find several of Niki’s honey beauty products on FarmRaiser, ready to sell in your next fundraiser! Check her out today! https://redheadedhoney.com/pages/fund-raise-with-us

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