Apples & Honey: Two Sweet Ideas for Fall Fundraising

Selling a single product in your fundraiser makes it easy to set up and manage the fundraiser.  Thanks to their near universal appeal, apples and honey are two of our most popular fundraising product for the fall season. So why not get into the back-to-school spirit with a crisp clean apple fundraiser?

Apple or honey single product fundraisers are great because:

  •  – Apples always work as a sweet treat for any child (or teacher)
  •  – Aside from being delicious by themselves or as ingredients, apples have numerous health benefits including lowering bad cholesterol, helping with weight loss, and lowering your risk of heart disease.
  • – Popular with almost everyone, and at their peak of freshness in the fall, apples are a great fundraising item in September, October and November.
  • – Honey is an awesome pairing with your favorite apples, or as a natural substitute for processed sweeteners.
  • – We are partnered with dozens of orchards and apiaries across the country, and we are sure to have a great local supplier for your apple or honey fundraiser

Apple-cinnamon-oatmealFor a delicious breakfast idea, check out this recipe for Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal from one of FarmRaiser’s favorite bloggers, Running with Skissors! This is just one of many simple, healthy recipes that you can make with locally grown apples.

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