Bow Hill Blueberries

The Bow Hill Blueberry Farm (Bow, WA) has been a staple partner for FarmRaiser in Washington since we started working there. The farm sits on the original property of the Anderson Blueberry Farm, in the fertile lands of the Skagit Valley. They’ve been an established farm since 1947, making them the oldest family-run blueberry farm in the Skagit Valley. The land is beautiful, rolling, and bountiful and the berries are delicious!


Bow Hill has been producing scrumptious blueberries for over 65 years, and has become a staple in their community. They draw on the strengths of their whole family to make their farm welcoming, beautiful, and productive. Harley, a former photojournalist for the Seattle Times takes beautiful photos of the farm, as can be seen on their website. Susan works as a freelance commercial director to keep the farm running smoothly. Amelia, their daughter, used her graphic design talents to design the logo for the farm and decorate their store. Wylie, their son, is about to start the 8th grade.


The farm has over 4500 high bush blueberries, a combination of Blue Crop, Jersey, Rubel, and Stanley. Each variety has distinct characteristics and flavor, if you have a sensitive taste for blueberries. The growing season in Washington is from June-September, so right now is the peak of the season.


They strive to create an environment that is conducive to family engagement and agricultural education. Their farm is a favorite local destination for “You-Pick” blueberries every summer, where folks can roam the fields, pick their own blueberries, and learn about the process of growing this prized berry.


Bow Hill also distributes “We-Pick” berries and blueberry products to locations around the area through their involvement in the Puget Sound Food Hub. The farm serves as a distribution point for the food hub – where area farmers bring together products to fulfill orders for restaurants, hospitals, preschools, grocery stores, and more in larger metropolitan areas such as Seattle. One truck then leaves from Bow Hill with everyone’s goods. Having a centralized delivery system for small and medium sized farms saves time and money for farmers and makes it easier for businesses to source local goods direct from the farm.
If you live in an area where blueberries are grown locally, try going to a farm and picking them yourself for a great family activity. Bow Hill Blueberries has a few awesome recipes for you to try should you get your hands on some local berries!

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