Community Basket Fundraising

The FarmRaiser Community Basket is an entirely new way for individual students to raise money for a cause, provide fresh fruit and vegetables to local food banks and pantries, and receive community service credit.

How it works:

  1. Pick a cause.  FarmRaiser has partnered with some great organizations that could use your help in raising funds– contact us, and we’ll help you find one in your area.  You can also raise funds for your own cause—from school trips and tournaments to animal welfare and arts organizations.
  2. Get friends, family and neighbors to sponsor FarmRaiser Community Baskets using our mobile app or by sharing your campaign through email and Facebook. Every $20 Community Basket sponsored by a friend, relative or neighbor guarantees 20 pounds of freshly grown fruits and vegetables makes it to the tables of those less fortunate and $10.00 goes to the charity or cause of your choice.
  3. Collect your community service credit.  The FarmRaiser mobile app allows you to certify the amount hours you spent working on your FarmRaiser and automatically reports the amount of money raised and number of supporters you egnaged to help your local foodbank and the cause.
  4. Farmraiser will make sure your cause gets the money you raised that that all food is delivered to the food bank.

To get started, send us an email and one of our staff members will get your campaign set up and help you start raising money and earning service credit hours while supporting a cause you believe in and providing healthy food to those who need it most.



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