Creating a Home Garden

Gardening was never a one season activity. Fall has arrived, and there are still things you can grow! You don’t have to be an expert to start your own home garden, so we’ll just give you some starting tips. Starting a home garden is a great quarantine activity because it will provide you with food and some gifts for your friends and neighbors. It will also be a fun activity to do with your family! We’re here to get you started on building your own garden and to point out all the fall plant selections from fruits to flowers to vegetables.


Getting Started


When you’re thinking about the garden, it’s all about location. Make sure you have the necessary space and sunlight needed for the plants you’re planning to grow.


If you want to include vegetables in your garden, consider planting in raised beds. It’s healthier for the plants because it creates extra space to provide deeper layers of rich soil. The plants have more space to grow their roots down, but they are also closer together so they can crowd out the weeds. Because of the closeness, you spend less time watering, you get more vegetables, and you don’t have to spend time weeding. You can buy the raised garden beds or build them yourself! These are also great for flowers and fruits.


Fall Plants


Flowers are a beautiful addition to any garden. Pansies are great because they come in pretty much every color and they will pop back up in the spring. Asters will provide you with a color palette that won’t be your typical warm colors of fall. They can bloom in blue, pink, purple, or white and they will attract butterflies and bees to your garden. The black-eyed Susan can also attract pollinators and create a splash of color with their vibrant yellow petals.


Vegetables are also a fall option. Carrots are actually sweeter while growing in cooler soil. Arugula also happens to do better in the fall because the warmth in the spring causes it to flower prematurely. The cool weather lets the leaves mature which gives it more flavor. You can prepare for Halloween and grow your own pumpkins while you’re at it! You can make your own fresh pumpkin pie with the ones you don’t carve and roast the seeds to make a healthy snack.


And then you have your fall fruits. If you want apples, I would suggest going to an orchard this year, but plant your future trees this fall!  Blueberries can also be planted to be ready by the start of spring. There are a lot of great fruits to pick in the fall, but it isn’t the prime time to plant them! Luckily you’ll have your vegetables and flowers to start you off, and you can start planning for future fruits.


Happy gardening!

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