Darrin’s Coffee: From Cast Iron Skillet to Coffee Bean

FarmRaiser is happy to introduce a new supplier, Darrin’s Coffee Co.! This highly praised business was established by Darrin Marion in 2010 and has been thriving ever since. 


Before realizing his love for coffee, Darrin was working as a stock broker. He didn’t end up loving that line of work, so he left to become a barista. His passion for coffee grew from there and he decided to venture out on his own to see if he could make a living off of it. Darrin began his work in a kitchen roasting coffee in a cast iron skillet. The business soon jumped from the kitchen to farmers’ markets, and it became successful enough to open the top coffee shops in town. 


Darrin continues his run with each change, and has proved himself with his business by:

  • being voted the best coffee shop in Indianapolis on the Indy A List
  • becoming the only African American coffee roaster in Indianapolis
  • having his name on the list as one of the best coffee roasters in the US
  • providing different flavors of coffee beans like Darrin’s Hazelnut, Darrin’s Iron Roast, and Darrin’s Chocolate Thunder
  • enjoying the work of making great local coffee


As Darrin’s Coffee transitions to its online store, they remain busy through the friendships they have formed with customers. You can be a part of that customer base too! Fundraising would be a great and unique way for your community to access his products. You can support your community and FarmRaiser’s new supplier through great coffee! They’re the right choice for a fundraiser because they pride themselves on good service and having a great time, and they plan on sticking with that motto.


So, if you’re looking for some great critically acclaimed coffee to start your day, check out Darrin’s Coffee Co.! 

You can fundraise with Darrin’s Coffee products here, and go directly to Darrin’s Coffee Co. here.

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