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When many of us think of fundraising, we think of the huge fundraising catalogs, filled with pages and pages of cookie dough, wrapping paper, popcorn, or whatever other third party mass manufactured good these fundraising programs could get their hands on. We’re here to shed some light on why less is more in your fundraiser, and why a small curated market can make for your most successful easy fundraiser ever. But hey, you don’t have to take our word for it. The folks over at the Harvard Business Review wrote their very own piece about why more isn’t always better in the marketplace.


FarmRaiser offers a variety of products from over 200 suppliers all across the country (many of them who ship nationwide, making their incredible products accessible to every corner of the country.) from award winning cheeses to artisan dog treats, there’s no shortage of products on our platform. So we know how exciting it can be, (and sometimes overwhelming) to narrow down what amazing products to include in what you’re hoping is an easy fundraiser. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back. Here are some products that we think can make an easy fundraiser that’s a superstar.

The community basket is your next best easy fundraiser

The Community Basket is a star among products that FarmRaiser has created. Well what exactly is it? FarmRaiser has special relationships with farms and produce distributors all across the country, which means that we can get fresh produce for very reasonable prices. We use those relationships to purchase fresh produce for food banks and pantries in your area. Food banks are seriously lacking in fresh produce, and with an estimated 1 in 8 Americans using food banks to aid in food insecurity, healthy options have never been more important. Food banks typically ask for canned goods as food donations, because canned goods have a stable shelf life and can be stored for longer than perishable goods. What food banks really need is access to fresh produce, and money. FarmRaiser’s Community Basket can provide either. When a customer purchases a community basket, half of the money stays with the fundraising organization, while the other portion either goes directly to the food bank, or can be used to purchase fresh produce for them. One community basket can provide up to fifty pounds of locally sourced produce! Organizers love the community basket for two reasons, first and foremost because it makes a difference that radiates throughout your entire community. Second, since the community basket isn’t a physical product, there’s no distribution of products, so your easy fundraiser is also stress free! We love the community basket so much that we dedicated an entire blog post to it.

Fresh Produce is a great easy fundraiser

Fresh produce is an all year all star on Farmraiser, I mean really, we can’t stop talking about produce fundraisers. Apples and pears in the fall, winter citrus, and spring and summer strawberries, honestly the produce blog posts write themselves. Just in case you missed it though, here’s our highlights on why we love produce sales:

-They’re sustainable. From farm to fork food can travel over 1200 miles. When you host a produce fundraiser that number of miles is decimated and your food’s carbon footprint is significantly reduced.

-They pump money back into your local economy. What’s better than supporting your cause while also supporting your local farmers?

-They’re super healthy. Produce fundraisers introduce new fruits and veggies into your community, and get families in your area to experiment and find new ways to love healthy foods.

Produce fundraisers make for a super easy fundraiser, and an incredibly fun distribution day that everyone will love!

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