Why you should be thinking of your fall fundraiser now


The summer heat has just begun to tinge the spring air with its delicious, all consuming warmth. So we can imagine how hard it is to get our brains focused on the fall and the cool chill of the autumn months. But fall is integral to so many groups fundraising calendars, and we know that with a little bit of preparation your fall fundraiser can make your year. Even just scheduling your campaign with us a little bit ahead of time (it’s free, and noncommittal–no need to be certain about dates) helps us help you make your goals. If you’re a first time FarmRaiser (welcome!) getting in touch with us a little early will help us make sure that everything that you want to offer in your fall fundraiser is available.

Not sure what you want in your fall fundraiser?

That’s not a problem! We’ve been fundraising experts for a while now, so we’re more than happy to help you find the fundraiser that is the right fit for your group. Whether that’d be produce, or coffee, or flowers we’re here to set you up for success. Letting us know about your fall fundraising plans now help us plan and coordinate with your local suppliers around their availability and dates taking all the time consuming logistics work that can sometimes be involved and making it so that when your does actually come around, you’ll be stress free.

Why think about a fall fundraiser during Summer?

We know that summer is a time for all of us to take a tiny breath, school’s out, warm weather is back, summer gardens are blooming, and usually summer is a time where things can slow down a little at work for all our organizers out there busy as a bee in the corporate world (trust us, we get it.) There’s no better time to get your fall planning done than before things really start to ramp up towards the end of July. Checking one more thing off your list early just ensures that things run as smoothly as possible come the busy fall season. Another reason to plan ahead? Life is happening all the time! Maybe you’re getting married this winter, or having a baby this fall, or switching jobs in September! Whatever exciting (and sometimes stressful) life events are coming your way, planning your fall fundraiser is a super simple way to make sure you’ve got a little more bandwidth come those amazing times of change.

Another reason to plan ahead (this works great if you’re in an organization like the PTA that plans their fundraising calendar the year before) is that you can have your materials prepared when you walk into your fundraising meeting. Whether you do your planning meeting right after the kids get out for summer, or if your group prefers to do their meetings closer to the fall. Planning your fundraisers earlier can help you have everything that you need come time for your fundraising meeting.

Ready to schedule a fundraiser? Login today (remember, there’s no commitment necessary!) or if you’d rather just chat about your yearly fundraising plans, shoot us a quick note.

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