Farm to Cafeteria Conference Coming Soon!

NFSN conference

From April 25-27, 2018, upwards of a thousand people will converge in Cincinnati, Ohio, for the 9th National Farm to Cafeteria Conference. The biennial event hosted by the National Farm to School Network is the only national gathering of farm to cafeteria professionals facilitating the faster and easier sourcing of healthy, local food for institutional cafeterias, as well as spreading awareness within communities and among children about where their food comes from.

NFSN conference

Cafeterias in schools, early care sites, colleges and universities, hospitals, prisons and other institutions serve tens of millions of Americans every day. This puts the farm to cafeteria movement at the forefront of the fight to end obesity and strengthen local food systems.

Attendees of the National Farm to Cafeteria Conference will be able to network with like minded community members and bring home creative and healthy solutions that will nourish people and the economy. Registration is open until April 9. Register today! Learn more at

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