Everything You Need to Know About Champs

Wondering whether to have champs register in your upcoming FarmRaiser campaign? We’ve answered your burning questions below.

What are champs? Champs are the individual students, organization members, staff, etc.who want to sell in your campaign. They’re your fundraiser’s biggest stars–the “feet on the ground” that raise money for their cause while educating their customers on the importance of healthy choices and their regional food system. 

Why should I instruct champs to register?  Champs registering makes your life easier and increases your sales! Every $10,000+ campaign on our platform has included champs. Benefits of champs include…

  • Personalization of the fundraiser, which results in higher sales. Each champ who registers to sell in your FarmRaiser receives her own custom marketplace/URL to share and gains access to our mobile app for paperless, face-to-face sales. 
  • Goal Tracking: You can set specific fundraising goals for champs, then use our sales tracker to see how close each champ is to her goal throughout the sale. At the end of your sale, we can share a breakdown of each champ’s proceeds (what they keep) from their sale.
  • Easy distribution: This is the best part! At the end of the sale, you can access a report that breaks down the products ordered through each champ’s market, along with that champ’s customer receipts…all in one place. Simply put orders together by champ, then the champ takes orders home to distribute to his/her customers.

How can I get champs engaged? For more information about champ engagement, view our blog post here.

What if I don’t want champs?  That’s ok! If you do not wish to have champs register, just share your main campaign page…frequently and enthusiastically! While customers’ purchases will not be affiliated with a specific champ, you can access customer contact info through your admin dashboard. Here’s a great resource for maximizing sales with no champs.

What if I have more questions? Happy to answer–Lauren@FarmRaiser.com 🙂


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