FarmRaiser Partners with the Cascade Harvest Coalition

The Cascade Harvest Coalition is an incredible Seattle-based organization that is working to re-localize the food system, and they’re working with FarmRaiser as a result! The coalition is made up of a diverse group of individuals and organizations that are all committed to fostering a healthy food and farm industry throughout the state of Washington.


Their goals are to:

  • Increase public awareness, appreciation and support for the economic, environmental, and cultural benefits of agriculture in the region.
  • Promote preservation and protection of agricultural lands and resources.
  • Enhance community food security and health by improving access to and consumption of locally-produced food.
  • Promote coordinated action and dialogue among the broad diversity of agricultural interests on issues affecting the region’s farmers, agricultural resources and quality of life.

They meet these goals by connecting consumers more directly with farmers and providing resources to farmers to aid them in making their operations more sustainable.


How it Started

Their unified endeavor began in 1997 when the lack of awareness about local and sustainable food options called for a collective voice to advocate better options to the public. A series of gatherings ensued that brought together all types of people involved in different aspects of the local food industry, from land use managers and economists, to chefs and state government representatives, and of course farmers. The result of the many discussions that took place was the birth of the idea for the coalition.


Puget Sound Fresh App

Since that time, the coalition has worked tirelessly to change the food system for the better. Along the way, they have adapted to the changes in how people talk and think about food and have invested time and energy to make their wealth of information more available to the public. Recently, they released a free application called Puget Sound Fresh that provides a quick and easy way for you to search the product you want to buy and see where it is available locally. It was also allows you to find farmers markets, provides information about each farm, and discover new recipes. Imagine how convenient it is to have all of that information contained in one app!


Cascade Harvest Coalition and FarmRaiser

The Coalition has been a flagship partner for FarmRaiser in the Seattle area since we started working there. Their wealth of knowledge about the local agriculture scene and time-honored connections with farmers and food artisans alike has proved to be an invaluable resource in jump-starting vendor relationships in the area. We couldn’t be happier to have them on board!
Coalitions like the Cascade Harvest Coalition are making strides to make shopping sustainably a more convenient and doable option for families all over the country. If you don’t live in Washington, do some searching to see if you have a similar organization in your area!

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