FarmRaiser, Fundraising, & COVID-19


Like many families, businesses, and organizations around the world FarmRaiser has been affected by the recent global health crisis. In light of that we want to extend our deepest and sincere wishes of health and safety to you and all those you care about.

In the spirit of the FarmRaiser mission we want to continue to do our part in helping farmers and artisans get their products into the hands of families across our nation.

However, COVID-19 is presenting some significant challenges for product distribution. We’ve put together some guidelines to help organizers complete campaigns during this time.

For campaigns currently underway you have several options:

  1. Cancel the fundraiser
    • FarmRaiser will refund all Credit card purchases.
  2. Donations in-lieu of products
    • Give your customer-supporters the opportunity to make donations in lieu of taking delivery of the products that pre-purchased. If 50% of your customers take you up on this, your fundraiser will have the same level of profit or greater than if products were delivered.
  3. Accelerate or delay the distribution day to meet your needs.

For campaigns that have not yet started, we have a new set of options. In addition to traditional products and distribution days FR will now offer 3 modified products:

  1. Community Baskets $25.00
    • A virtual product that sends $12.00 in cash to the cause and a cash equivalent of approximately 40 pounds of fresh produce to local food pantries.  This is a virtual product so no distribution day or volunteers are needed to sell/distribute a community basket.  This is a 3x impact gift that supports the cause holding the fundraiser, growers/distributers with fresh produce and families that rely on foodbanks
  2. Gift Cards $25.00 – $100.00 
    • Many of our 400+ suppliers will allow you to pre-sell gift cards in lieu of products. Gift cards get immediate cash to small businesses, they are a great value for your customer-supporters, and they can be distributed electronically.
  3. Home delivery/shipping
    • Several of our suppliers will ship directly to your customer-supporters’ homes. If you opt for this choice, FarmRaiser will increase the retail price of items in your sale to so that shipping is included in the price.

These options will streamline your sale and give your supporters meaningful ways for them to help your cause and your community. Hopefully these tips and new product suggestions help to keep you in good fundraising spirits. As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us.


Stay safe and stay healthy!

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