FarmRaiser SuperCampaigns Make Group Fundraising Easy!

If multiple groups within your school or multiple schools within your district fundraise for a shared cause or goal, we’d like to invite you to learn more about FarmRaiser’s new SuperCampaign functionality as a tool to help you blow your fundraising goal out of the water this year.Together we can reinvent fundraising!

Making its debut last spring in Bellingham, Washington, the FarmRaiser SuperCampaign feature connected 14 schools all working together to raise money for Common Threads Farm educational programming. This new feature supports friendly competition between classes or groups within a school, multi-chapter organizations that are fundraising for a single cause, and district-wide FarmRaisers with multiple schools. SuperCampaign reports allow you to see how your group is contributing to the overall goal while also showing the collective total raised across groups or schools, making keeping track of your fundraising on the micro and macro levels a breeze.

Interested in learning more? Just email us and we’ll get you all the info you need. Whether you’ll be selling healthy local products this year as part of a SuperCampaign or fundraising as an independent group, we can’t wait to hear from you! Sign up today or log in to get started!

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