The inside scoop on being a FarmRaiser Supplier

This ones a little different folks, this blog post is dedicated to all of our suppliers–past, present, and future. We’re giving you the inside scoop on what it means to run (or start!) your fundraising business through FarmRaiser. We don’t have to tell you that you have a great product on your hands, you already know that. People come from far and wide to get your product, or you’re a hometown hero; either way, we know that you’ve been thinking of getting your toes wet in the fundraising game, and we’re here to help you find out how to succeed. Whether you’re a fundraising hotshot, or a maverick looking for a piece of the pie, we’ve got some simple steps for success.

Why FarmRaiser?

So why use FarmRaiser to help you run your fundraising business? That’s easy. We’ve been solving problems that you (and the groups you work with) have long since been suffering through. Problems like inventory management, customer contact, and a desire for technology are all problems that FarmRaiser helps fix. Let’s face it, online sales is the fundraising industry’s best kept secret, and nobody has really figured out how to take an industry that was born in the analog age into the new digital era. But we’ve spent years trying to figure it out, and we think we’ve gotten pretty good at it. We’ve spent the time and money building our customizable technology so that you don’t have to. Check out a little more info on problems that FarmRaiser helps you solve.


Talking to your list is the best way to grow your business. Your hottest leads are the people who have already told you that they love you. Blasting your customers with a drip email campaign is easy, and a sure fire way to garner new fundraising clients for your business. We’re also happy to help with your marketing efforts by providing you with things like sample email language and copy for Facebook posts. We also send out weekly blasts to our own curated email lists that showcase exciting suppliers that are available to them

Extra tools

One of the really cool things that FarmRaiser provides is a little line of HTML code that’s called and iframe. Basically it’s a little signup box that you can install on your website to generate leads of fundraising organizers. FarmRaiser sends them an automatic welcome note (they always appreciate it if the supplier they love sends them a quick hello too,) and once they complete their profile, your products are automatically added to their virtual warehouse, and they can easily get started (all without having to have an in depth conversation with you, unless you want to). Getting prospective clients to signup this way is also a great way to create a targeted marketing list!

Interested in becoming a FarmRaiser supplier? You can signup here–it’s free to join! Or if you’re interested in becoming a SaaS client for FarmRaiser, you can schedule a quick call with our resident expert Lauren.

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