Fight Malnutrition with a Good Spread Peanut Butter Fundraiser

Fundraise with an all-natural peanut butter, and spread some good worldwide! Sell Good Spread Peanut Butter at a 45% profit and help malnourished children in the process.

MANA in North Korea

Good Spread creates an all-natural, delicious peanut butter using simple and nutritious ingredients. Plus, for every jar of Good Spread sold, Good Spread donates a treatment packet of lifesaving, vitamin fortified peanut butter called MANA to malnourished children around the world. To date, Good Spread has provided 450,000 treatments of MANA to children in Chad, Nicaragua, and Uganda.

good spread kitchenGood Spread uses good ol’ fashioned non-GMO peanuts, honey, a touch of salt, and a 100% sustainably sourced palm oil to give it that creamy, no-stir texture you love. In addition, partnership with MANA embodies Good Spread’s founding mission to spread good by helping to produce and distribute MANA to children who need it most.

Create a Good Spread fundraiser today, and empower students to sell healthy products in their community while simultaneously helping to save lives.

Happy fundraising!

The Team at Good Spread


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