Goodness Greeness + FarmRaiser = Healthy Fundraising for Chicagoland

We just partnered with, Goodness Greeness Chicago’s premier organic home delivery service to make healthy fundraising a snap. Their popular Box Fundraising Program, Greens4Green$ is now backed by FarmRaiser’s online marketplaces and mobile apps to help you raise money for your school by selling the best produce in the Midwest.  With a customized portal and discount codes, Goodness Greeness customers can easily transition to healthy fundraising with FarmRaiser. Contact your Goodness Greeness Representative for a coupon code to boost your first FarmRaiser campaign.


FarmRaiser and Goodness Greeness are thrilled to announce a partnership to revolutionize the world of school fundraising.

Whether you’re raising funds for your band, soccer team, or PTA, with six varieties of Boxes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that works for your organization. With FarmRaiser’s instant online markets and handy mobile app, sales are a snap, and since the produce comes from Goodness Greeness, you know it’s fresh, local and certified Organic.

It turns out, your friends, family and neighbors are much more excited about supporting your cause if they can do it by buying fresh produce from their favorite local farms. So surf on over to FarmRaiser and start fundraising the healthy way.

Goodness Greeness

Japhet Koteen

Japhet Koteen

Japhet is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing at FarmRaiser.He believes in the power of good food and good business to change the world.
Japhet Koteen

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