Healthy fundraisers are available year round!

FarmRaiser has built our brand on being big produce nerds, which is why we like to spend some time paying homage (and showing off a little bit of our knowledge) to the fruits and veggies that make our world go round. This one is dedicated to the produce that has your back from blistering July to bitter January.

Healthy fundraisers are available all year

Spring and fall healthy fundraisers can sometimes feel like they run our world, because there’s something so exciting about the cornucopia of produce in fall from apples to zucchini, and the fresh berth of produce after an eternal winter. Of course both these seasons are super exciting, and they have so much to offer in the world of fundraising, but an underrated favorite of ours is the winter fruit fundraiser. *Gasp* We know. It’s hard to believe but tons of fruits and vegetables across the country choose to thrive in the harsh winter months. We’ve also spent lots of time cultivating relationships across the country with suppliers that make it their business to specialize in certain fruits and vegetables. Our favorite winter produce sale? Citrus! Citrus is a great way to brighten up the dreary winter in your location, and we have a small farmer in California who grows the best stuff in the country (and who has been able to escape the modern day citrus crisis). Citrus is a national product, and even though it may not be local for you, you’d still be supporting a great family run American business!

Healthy fundraisers are os versatile

We’ve been singing the songs of produce for ages, because fruits and veggies are a delicious mound of clay, ready to be molded however you want to. Produce is some of the most versatile items items that we offer on our platform. From just serving up some sliced fruits and veggies as a delicious after school snack to transforming them into something like a yummy low sugar apple butter that’ll delight for months after your delectable treats have been delivered. (ok but seriously that apple butter is the bomb, try it mixed into your oatmeal you won’t regret it) That’s just the start of everything you’ll be able to create with a great produce mix. Something else that’s cool about holding healthy fundraisers in the “off season” is that you’ll be exposed to some really cool options that you might not normally pick up at the grocery store. Our winter month wonder? Leeks! These oniony treats are perfect simply braised, or if you want something a little more rich, this leek and potato galette sprinkled with creamy goat cheese is the way to go. (trust us.)

Why healthy fundraisers help your community

Alright we’re going to talk a little more about how much we love local produce and why eating local (whenever you can) is so important. First and foremost, using local produce in your healthy fundraisers helps pump money back into your regional farm economy. With American farmers going bankrupt at alarming levels due to policy issues and market demand, it’s never been more important to support small U.S. farm communities. Big agribusiness has also been a player that tends to dominate the market, FarmRaiser works hard to cultivate relationships with farmers and aggregators who have respectful and ethical workplace practices, and who serve their local communities.


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