Join the Healthy Fundraising Revolution!

Check out this our guest post on Slow Food USA’s site. If you don’t know about Slow Food USA’s school gardening program, take a few minutes and visit their site.

sfee-gardensBlog Post FarmRaiser: Join the Healthy Fundraising Revolution Aug. 6, 2016 Each year, parents, neighbors and friends spend nearly $4 billion buying tubs of cookie dough, candy bars, sweet treats, and junk food to support schools and nonprofits in their communities. We’ve all been there–we want to support the cause and so we buy a bag of flavored popcorn we won’t open, some wrapping paper we don’t really need, or a few maga

Source: Slow Food USA: FarmRaiser: Join the Healthy Fundraising Revolution

Japhet Koteen

Japhet Koteen

Japhet is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing at FarmRaiser.He believes in the power of good food and good business to change the world.
Japhet Koteen

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