Host a Plant Sale!

As you’re planning your fundraising calendar for the upcoming year, or looking for some great ideas for healthy fundraisers for your school or group, I’d like to encourage you to consider one of my favorite types of FarmRaisers: plant sales! Plant sales like this one allow you to sell a variety of flowers, herbs, and other plants from a nursery, greenhouse, or farm in your area, giving your supporters something they actually want and would buy anyway, while raising money for your cause.


Top 5 reasons that plant sales are a great idea: poinsettia-1024

    1. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers, herbs, and plants?
    2. You can hold plant sales throughout the year–fall mums, Mother’s Day flowers, holiday poinsettias and wreaths, and spring tulips are just a few of the ways you can incorporate plant sales into your fundraising calendar.
    3. Including herbs in your sale encourages your kids and supporters to cook with fresh ingredients.
    4. Products featured in plant sales make great gifts and are an easy, beautiful improvement to your front yard or school courtyard/garden (let the kids plant them!).


  1. FarmRaiser makes a plant sale fundraiser easy. Use our platform to pre-sell flowers, plants, and herbs from a beautifully curated market, then let us worry about ordering. No more confusing order forms, payingfor product up-front, or guessing on order size! If you currently host a “market day” where you sell plants or flowers the day of the event, we can help increase sales and make your life easier with our presales, customer reports, and order and logistics management.

Ready to sell some plants? Sign up today (it’s free!) or log in and schedule your next campaign to get started!

Do you wish your current plant-sale or flower fundraiser had online sales, mobile apps, and ability to go paperless like FarmRaiser?  No problem! If you want to keep using your favorite local nursery, farm or greenhouse for your fundraising sale, we’d love to talk to them; you can direct them here for more information, or just email us, and we will will reach out to partner with them, and you can keep selling products your supporters love, with all the benefits of FarmRaiser.


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