Incorporating Multiple FarmRaisers Into Your School Calendar

Incorporating Multiple FarmRaisers Into Your School Calendar

pumpkinpatch_small-993x461Chances are, sometime in the next few weeks, you’ll be meeting with your PTA, fellow coaches or teachers, or school administration to take a look at your school calendar and figure out when and how to fundraise! One of the benefits of working with FarmRaiser is that there is no limit to how many you can host; while no one wants to buy cookie dough or wrapping paper more than once (and really–who wants to buy it at all?), selling seasonal products throughout the year in conjunction with school events, holidays, and other days to celebrate lets you fundraise AND delight your supporters throughout the year.

Check out some examples below of the different types of FarmRaisers schools host throughout the year, and take a look at the sample calendar we’re put together that lays out a year of FarmRaising. Feel free to email us with questions or to share what you’re thinking, and sign up or log in to schedule your next FarmRaiser today!

Great Ideas for FarmRaisers 


Sample School FarmRaising Calendar

  • Back-to-school (Early September/Oct): produce, healthy snacks, and food literacy books
  • Halloween (presales in early Oct): healthy treats instead of junk, pumpkins
  • Harvest season (up to Thanksgiving): fresh produce and value added products (honey, jam, etc.)
  • Holiday Season (presales starting in late Oct/early Nov): gourmet host(ess) treats, local gifts, wreaths, poinsettias
  • Winter/Early Spring (Jan-March): seeds, value-added products, healthy Superbowl treats
  • Valentines Day (presales in mid Jan): Flowers, dark chocolate, V-day meal supplies or meal kit
  • Mid Spring (early March – April): seeds, plants, early spring produce, UPick coupons
  • Mothers Day: Mom wants some locally grown flowers and snacks!
  • June/late spring: Local strawberries! (Talk to your cultivator about dates for your region)

Contact your cultivator for more ideas, questions, or a quick brainstorming session! As always, thanks for your hard work connecting your kids, students, and community to the amazing locally made and grown food around you. You rock!

Ready for a year of selling healthy local products? Delight your supporters and teach kids healthy habits by hosting multiple FarmRaisers!

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