We were recently featured in the summer 2018 edition of “Edible Michiana,” the Michigan edition of the “Edible Communities” publications. The article discusses the benefits of fresh local fundraisers vs old school candy fundraising with an anecdote from author Deborah Rieth’s own life. Rieth expresses her preference for FarmRaiser’s market solution to fundraising, and how she looks forward to a pint-sized pitcher from her community little league team asking her if she wants to buy some fresh produce to support their team.

Why Local Fundraisers Work

The benefits of fundraising with FarmRaiser go far beyond the tasty products that you’ll receive. Fresh, local fundraisers are healthier, more sustainable, and often more profitable than old-school fundraising. The possibilities are endless– especially when the selection ranges from zucchini to honey to spices to mulch. Farmers and artisans from all over the country are excited to share their great products through healthy fundraising. Imagine being able to support your child’s sports team while getting a bag of fresh produce instead of a dozen candy bars.

Not only are fresh, local fundraisers a healthier alternative, it’s also a source of income for the farmers and artisans that supply our campaigns. Supporting a FarmRaiser campaign also means supporting jobs in your community and helping your local economy thrive. Farmraiser is all about returning to the roots of the community and spreading good food and products.

Norman’s Farm Market and their Local Fundraisers:

Norman’s Farm Market is a Maryland-based fresh produce stand started by the three Norman brothers in 1987. They began by selling produce on the side of Montgomery County roads in Maryland, and have since evolved into a 60 acre farm that sells fresh produce through CSAs and fundraisers.

In the last two years, Norman’s has supplied fresh fruits and veggies to over a dozen groups in and around Washington, DC. The groups sold almost $10,000 in fresh produce, making a 50% profit in the process.  Norman’s did pretty well in these campaigns too– in addition to getting a wholesale price for the products they supplied, they also received contact information for over 300 families that had purchased Norman’s products in support of their favorite cause. (Interested in fundraising with Norman’s? Check them and their local fundraisers out here.)

Ask any farmer what the hardest thing is about growing a subscription veggie business or building a loyal customer base, and they’ll tell you it’s getting to know their customers. Because the FarmRaiser platform collects and shares customer data with the suppliers, they have an easy time building a loyal following and making sales at the same time.

At FarmRaiser, we think healthy products lead to healthier and wealthier communities. We’re proud of the nearly 1,000 farms and artisan food producers represented on our platform, and look forward to helping them make a difference in their communities.