A Mother’s Day Coffee Fundraiser!

A mother’s day coffee fundraiser

With spring right around the corner (and Mother’s Day right behind the start of the new season,) it’s a great time to start planning your spring fundraiser! Whether you need to cover last minute expenses for the year, or you’re a superstar and are planning ahead for something special next year, your spring fundraiser can be the cornerstone of your fundraising season! Spring is an especially great time for a fundraiser because there’s so many holidays happening that it’s easy to piggyback on one of them and have a cool theme to go along with your awesome products. Why should you have a theme? Our friends at Equal Exchange wrote a blog post about fundraising themes and explained it for everyone. The TL:DR? Having a theme around your fundraising products allows you to merchandise your products as gifts in a really cool way that excites your customers and let’s you sell more at a little bit of a higher price. What’s our first pick for a specially themed Mother’s Day sale? A coffee fundraiser of course! We love a good coffee fundraiser, find out why.

Honor women in your coffee fundraiser

With this being a Mother’s Day coffee fundraiser, what better way to honor your mother than to also honor other women across the world? Our friends at Equal Exchange developed the Organic Sisters’ Blend coffee, which honors female coffee farmers who are active in their cooperatives as well as the women who advocate for justice in these communities. Not only does this coffee honor the women in your world, it’s also fair trade! We took some time this year to write a little bit about why your next coffee fundraiser should be fair trade, so you can check out our post for more information on why we love fair trade. But long story short, fair trade coffee distributors work to develop strong relationships with coffee coops and work to establish economic justice, sustainable practices, and gives small farmers a voice. 

Coffee Facts for your Coffee Fundraiser

There’s only one thing we love here at Farmraiser as much as healthy fundraising, and that’s fun facts! These interesting coffee facts make us love the idea of a coffee fundraiser even more! Did you know that Americans consume 280 million cups of coffee a day, with the average person consuming 2.7 cups a day. 66% of U.S. women consume at least a cup a day as opposed to the 62% of men. Women also top men in cups of coffee in a day. Women average 2.9 cups a day, while men consume 2.6 cups on average. The United States is number one in the world when it comes to coffee consumption, so it makes sense that we invest a little more in a better quality cup of joe. The average cost of a cup of coffee in the U.S. is $3.27 from whatever your local coffee spot is. What does that mean for your wallet? If you buy a cup of coffee everyday of the year, you’ve spent almost $1,200! Having a gourmet treat like a locally roasted blend from a small batch roaster down the street can be the perfect way to combat your coffee spending habit without having to compromise on your delicious coffee quality, yum! With all these facts about Americans being coffee lovers, a coffee fundraiser just makes sense!

To start your coffee fundraiser, you can login today to check out products. Don’t worry, reserving products is free and noncommittal. For more information about coffee fundraisers, or about local products, feel free to email us at info@farmraiser.com.

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