Why the mulch fundraiser is so beloved

Spring has sprung once again, and we’re on the tails of one of our favorite spring fundraisers, the WJ Booster club mulch sale! Mulch sales can be complicated productions, with hundreds of moving pieces from supply chain and logistics, to managing customers, Farmraiser has become experts. We’ve learned a lot about mulch over the past few years, so we’d like to introduce our ode to mulch–a quick piece on why we love the mulch fundraiser and why it works for so many groups have made them the crown jewel of their fundraising programs.

Profit in a mulch fundraiser is high

If you have an annual mulch sale, you know they can be huge in terms of profits! Mulch fundraisers can take a lot of planning, but the planning is what makes these sales monumentally successful. Tons of people purchase bags and bags of mulch from the Home Depot down the street in preparation for their spring yard to bloom, but so many customers love the idea of a fundraiser that helps them support their local schools, clubs, and organizations, while knocking a couple of spring chores off their list. Mulch sales are great for organizations like booster clubs because they have access to big groups of customers; the neighborhoods they live in! The average mulch sale on FarmRaiser runs for anywhere from 3-6 weeks and they can easily raise tens of thousands of dollars with a little bit of neighborhood support, and easy and intuitive tools from FarmRaiser.

A case study in the mulch fundraiser

The WJ Booster club mulch fundraiser is the crown jewel of mulch sales. This year they sold more than 9,000 bags of mulch and raised over $63,000 to support various clubs, sports, and organizations within their school. With numbers like that we can understand why so many organizations like booster clubs love mulch sales; their potential. With FarmRaiser’s tools, and a group of focused volunteers, the WJ sale has grown on an average of $5,000 a year and an average of 36 new customers a year–an increase of 8% annually! The WJ booster club reminds us every year of the potential of mulch fundraisers, and what they can mean for the organizations that run them.

Customized reports in your mulch fundraiser

FarmRaiser isn’t a logistics company, but every once in a while, we like to dust off our supply chain hats to ensure that big distributions after a huge fundraiser go the right way. The FarmRaiser platform lays the groundwork by providing several automated reports like customer receipts, fulfillment reports, and more and for the most part, this is enough for any fundraiser to have a flawless distribution. When a behemoth distribution is on the horizon, sometimes they need a little boost from us, and we’re happy to oblige. You know your mulch fundraiser better than anyone does, if there’s any way that we can assist let us know.

Customer lists are crucial for a mulch fundraiser

One of the neatest parts of the FarmRaiser tools are the customer lists. We know that fundraisers can become a tradition in organizations, and there’s a lot of value in a tried and true fundraiser that your customers love. There’s even more value in a list of your customers from year to year. The best place to start when looking for customers for this years fundraisers is to look back at people who have purchased from you in the past!


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