Why the mum fundraiser is the star of fall


Sometimes it feels like the summer has just begun, so it seems silly to be putting so much thought into the fall that seems so far away. But we here are FarmRaiser are big fans of planning ahead, which is why we want to talk to you a little about one of our favorite (and most popular!) fall fundraisers; mums! Mums are beautiful flowers that are in peak bloom in August and September. The mum fundraiser is beloved by customers and organizers alike because of their simplicity, and their beauty. Mums are the last hurrah of summer flowers, and it’s easy to tell what makes them a superstar in fundraisers. From Indiana to California, mums make a huge statement every year. Here’s why.


High Profit


Flowers are some of the most high profit items on our platform. When you use FarmRaiser’s suggested retail pricing. We guarantee a profit margin of +40%. We also do get that some communities need a little more flexibility when it comes to pricing which is why all of the products in your market have editable pricing, so you can choose whatever price you think will work best for your fundraiser and your customers! The mum fundraiser  also has a really great profit percentage because you’re most likely only using one supplier, so you’re cutting down on associated costs like delivery fees. 


Fun Distribution 


Ok this one holds a special place in our hearts. We’ve been in the fundraising game for a while, so we’ve seen every kind of distribution day under the sun, from spaghetti nights using local ingredients to market day sales during events like the annual fall festival. But our favorite distribution day of all has got to be a flower fundraiser. If you’ve never participated in a mum fundraiser before, the distribution day will leave you speechless. School cafeterias filled to the brim with blooming vibrant flowers. Parking lot overflowing with blooms. People packing giant colorful planters into their tiny cars. The smell of lively flowers. We’re telling you, the distribution day alone is a great reason to get your group selling mums this fall!




FarmRaiser is a big fan of a simple and cohesive fundraising market. It makes it easier for both your customers to choose complementary products, as well as for you on your distribution day. Studies have even shown that more cohesive, smaller markets lead to larger basket sizes and purchase amounts. Hosting a mostly (or completely)  mum fundraiser also means that you’ll most likely only be dealing with one supplier, so the complications of using multiple suppliers in your fundraiser and nonexistent. And trust us, our greenhouse partners are true professionals and the best in the game so your fall fundraiser is always worry free in their hands.


To get started on your fall mum fundraiser login today or email us at info@farmraiser.com for more information.

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