Mum’s the Fundraiser

Chrysanthemums are beautiful flowers that are easy to grow and care for, making them ideal for fundraising. As many of us are staying home, we could all use a splash of color to brighten up our days and maybe that of a passing neighbor’s. They’re a fall flower, November’s birth flower, and the colors they come in are as vibrant as the changing leaves: purple, red, white, orange, yellow, and even combinations of two colors. Mums come in an array of shapes and sizes, with the biggest commonly used for a homecoming tradition in Texas. The tradition started off with the mum being the common flower presented to a girl for homecoming. If you don’t want the flower to be used as a way to get a date to homecoming, mums will attract different visitors—they’re among the last flowers in bloom, welcoming butterflies to your backyard in the fall.


For all these reasons and more, mums are among the most popular flowers for displaying. Fundraising with mums puts you ahead of the game, because you’re selling something people are already planning on purchasing. Customers will also be more eager to be a part of a local fundraiser because they will be receiving a higher quality item than what they would buy at any big retail store. They’ll also be supporting a local small business rather than a large chain store. Mums really are the way to go since the sales will benefit everyone! 


Mum sales start running near the beginning of August and run all the way through to mid-September. Although our day to day lives are not what they used to be, we’re still finding creative ways to overcome the challenges this year has thrown our way. Communities are suffering now more than ever, and we need to pay attention to the state of our schools and local businesses. Mums are the perfect way to fundraise for a local organization while providing income to a local business. 


We want to provide a fundraising sale that is profitable while still being safe for both participants and customers. Having an online fundraising market allows you to raise money while avoiding face to face sales.  We also have a guide to make sure your distribution day is safe and easy. It’s time to start preparing for this fall flower!

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