Pizza Farm to School?

Pizza Farm to School?

FarmRaiser is all about giving people healthy choices to help them lead healthier lives. That’s why we LOVE this hilarious new video from the American Heart Association, who partnered with comedy production company Funny or Die to highlight just how important it is to protect and continue the progress made by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids act…and give us a good laugh in the process.

Learn more by checking out the American Heart Association blog and following the #KeepSchoolFoodHealthy hashtag, and don’t forget to contact your lawmakers to urge them to continue to protect our children’s healthy futures. FarmRaiser sends a huge thank you to our friends at the American Heart Association for bringing attention to this critical issue!

As always, thank you for strengthening your community and local food system with FarmRaiser. Together, we can make sure real food from real farms -not pizza farms- are feeding our nation’s young people.

Let the American Heart Association take you on a visit to a pizza farm…and learn what you can do to make sure it’s not feeding your children.

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