Partnership with Real Food for Kids

logo 4 colorFarmRaiser is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Real Food for Kids Montgomery. RFKM is a true grass-roots organization that has grown over the last three years from a small group of parents concerned about nutrition in schools to a coalition of over 3900 supporters, with parents representing 90% of the schools in Montgomery County with 60 official representatives taking leadership roles in improving school nutrition and health. Learn more about RFKM, and join their mailing list and help make a difference in your child’s health.

Our kids are our future. They can’t function well if they aren’t offered healthy choices for lunch. The current Standard American Diet offered is processed, leaves them lethargic, promotes weight gain, and diseases such as diabetes – no longer called “adult onset” because it’s so common in young people. Not only our health depends on these changes but so does our economic future. Let’s do the right thing by our kids.
– an RFKM Supporter

Real Food for Kids Montgomery is excited to promote FarmRaiser as a healthy fundraising option for teachers, coaches, students and staff at Montgomery County Public Schools — it’s a concrete step schools can take to promote healthy eating and move away from junk food fundraisers to support activities.

Japhet Koteen

Japhet Koteen

Japhet is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing at FarmRaiser.He believes in the power of good food and good business to change the world.
Japhet Koteen

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