Cheat Sheet for Champs: Increase Sales and Hit Your Goal!

Student Champs create fundraising success

Cheat Sheet for Champs: Increase Sales and Hit Your Goal!

Hey there, FarmRaiser Champ! Check out the tips below for some quick ways to increase sales for your fundraiser. If you have any other tips that have worked for you, feel free to add them in the comments section!

1) If you’re not using the app, download it from iTunes or Google Play and get started! You can sell face-to-face with the app and take cash or check payments in addition to credit cards. Take a stroll with your family through your neighborhood and see if your neighbors would like to buy some healthy local products to support you! Parents, our app is also a great way to make quick sales to coworkers.

2) If you haven’t already, share the link to your market with everyone you know who might like to support you. Share via email, social media, texting, or even ask Mom or Dad to pull your market up on a tablet or computer at work and encourage their coworkers to buy something. When you share your link, include a personal note explaining why you’re selling these products and how they help the community. If you have questions about getting to your personal market link, email your Cultivator and we’ll get it to you ASAP!

3) If you haven’t already, log in to your champion account and upload a profile picture! It will show up when you share your market link, personalizing your FarmRaiser and further encouraging supporters to donate.

4) Encourage out-of-town supporters to make a donation or buy a community basket! Both are easy ways for them to support your fundraiser without needing to buy an actual product.

5) Remind friends to register and start selling! The more champions who are selling, the easier it will be to hit your goal!

If you’re a FarmRaiser Champ, check this out for ideas on how to increase sales and hit your goal!

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