Local Produce in your spring fundraiser!

Spring has sprung once again (and we couldn’t be happier about it!) The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and all that gorgeous spring produce is getting ready to pop up at any second. We think that that’s great news, not just for all the super yummy recipes we have planned, but it’s also great news if your spring fundraiser needs a little bit of life pumped into it. Spring produce is a superstar, waiting to make your fundraising dreams come true.

A high profit spring fundraiser

Produce is one of the most profitable fundraisers that FarmRaiser has to offer! FarmRaiser has strong partnerships with dozens of farms, food hubs, and aggregators across the US that allow us to purchase produce at a wholesale cost, which in turn, gives you more room to adjust your retail price in order to meet your goals! Most produce can net you anywhere from 35-48% profit depending on your preferences for your retail prices!

Versatility: the key to your spring fundraiser

Ok, all the folks at FarmRaiser can think about is the local produce to come this spring and summer. I for one haven’t stopped thinking about buying the season’s first cherries since the fall, and I’ve been dreaming of the great farmer’s market that’s full of incredible local vendors right down the street from FarmRaiser headquarters that makes its grand return this may. That being said, we’re already preparing tons of recipes with the vast variety of fruits and veggies that will soon crop up. Spring and Summer is the best time for produce because it brings the biggest bounty with a wide variety.  From artichokes to yams spring has everything you need to make your spring fundraiser a hit! Including produce in your spring fundraiser also means that you might get some delicious new produce to sample, and nothing is more fun to us than discovering a new way to transform a new piece of produce into a delicious household staple.

Health impacts of your spring fundraiser

Fresh produce has it’s obvious benefits. From enriching your bodies with a variety of vitamins and minerals necessary for daily life, to helping you keep your New Year’s resolutions intact, local produce is filled with a myriad of health benefits. We could sing the praises of fresh produce all day, in fact, we have. Local produce doesn’t just have an impact on your body, it also has a huge impact on your environment. Produce can travel up to 1200 miles on average to reach your kitchen. When you buy local, that number (and subsequently that carbon footprint) is lowered substantially. Buying local also means that you’re helping to pump money back into your local economy, and you’re supporting small farms that are often overshadowed by big agribusiness. Another way including produce in your fundraiser might impact your environment? Supplying local produce in your fundraisers allows for different types of fruits and vegetables to enter your community, and subsequently may allow some families access to produce that they usually wouldn’t have, while helping you raise money for your cause all at the same time! If you want to learn more about eating local, check out this cool little tool that tells you what’s growing near you when!


Get started looking for products for your spring fundraiser. If you have any questions about local options, email us at info@farmraiser.com

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