Supplier Spotlight! Fundraise with Fire Grounds Coffee Company

The idea for Fire Grounds Coffee Company was sparked by first responder Paul Clarke who had become a little fed up with the low quality coffee they were served at the fire station. Many other first responders were in agreement, so he started working on the company during deployment in Iraq in 2018. It was difficult to fully form a business in Iraq so Clarke had to trust in the vision, especially since he couldn’t really shop around for the right coffee roasting equipment. By the time he came back to Texas, the idea was established and they officially launched in February 2019. The company is now based in Dallas, Texas and is fully run by firefighters and veterans.


Fire Grounds is making the best coffee they can for first responders with their own coffee ground flavors such as Rescue Roast, Bubba Brew, and Bury up Black. They stick to their motto “Heroes Deserve Good Coffee” by donating a bag to first responders for every five bags sold. They want to give back to the workforce that they are proud to represent with coffee that is energizing and enjoyable. 


The company also wants to share the profits with their community. Fire Grounds is currently helping the Dallas Firefighter Museum raise money for them to renovate their interior. This partnership’s objective is to create a healthy learning environment for the students of all the Dallas Elementary Schools to receive their Fire Safety Education.

Fundraising with Fire Grounds would be a fun opportunity for kids to learn about first responders AND entrepreneurship! Email us at to see their fundraising catalogue today!

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