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Darrin’s Coffee: From Cast Iron Skillet to Coffee Bean

FarmRaiser is happy to introduce a new supplier, Darrin’s Coffee Co.! This highly praised business was established by Darrin Marion in 2010 and has been thriving ever since.    Before realizing his love for coffee, Darrin was working as a stock broker. He didn’t end up loving that line of work, so he left to…

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Supplier Spotlight! Fundraise with Fire Grounds Coffee Company

The idea for Fire Grounds Coffee Company was sparked by first responder Paul Clarke who had become a little fed up with the low quality coffee they were served at the fire station. Many other first responders were in agreement, so he started working on the company during deployment in Iraq in 2018. It was…

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Doing good with your coffee fundraiser

Doing Good with your coffee fundraiser FarmRaiser was founded on the principle of doing a little good. Almost 6 years ago, FarmRaiser was created to be a solution to the problem of the junk food industry taking over fundraisers. Not only are these fundraisers filled with junk, many of them are through third party vendors,…

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