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Why your next coffee fundraiser should be fair trade

What does it mean to be fair trade? Fair trade standards follow 10 principles that fall under four simple parent categories: Income sustainability, empowerment, individual and community well being, and environmental stewardship. When your coffee fundraiser is fair trade, it empowers good—not only in your community, but across the world. Income Stability in a fair…

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Your Best Fundraiser yet: Fall Fruit!

  Fall is almost here and that means more than just the return of your favorite autumnal lattes to your local coffee shops, it means fall fruit in your fundraiser, and in our humble opinion, your best fundraiser! Apples make it easy to have your best fundraiser Apples are a long-standing favorite among our organizers…

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Why local fundraisers are the best fundraisers

We were recently featured in the summer 2018 edition of “Edible Michiana,” the Michigan edition of the “Edible Communities” publications. The article discusses the benefits of fresh fundraising vs old school candy fundraising with an anecdote from author Deborah Rieth’s own life. Rieth expresses her preference for FarmRaiser’s market solution to fundraising and how she looks forward to a pint-sized pitcher from her community little league team asking her if she wants to buy some fresh produce to support their team.

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