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A Mother’s Day Coffee Fundraiser!

A mother’s day coffee fundraiser With spring right around the corner (and Mother’s Day right behind the start of the new season,) it’s a great time to start planning your spring fundraiser! Whether you need to cover last minute expenses for the year, or you’re a superstar and are planning ahead for something special next…

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Why your next coffee fundraiser should be fair trade

What does it mean to be fair trade? Fair trade standards follow 10 principles that fall under four simple parent categories: Income sustainability, empowerment, individual and community well being, and environmental stewardship. When your coffee fundraiser is fair trade, it empowers good—not only in your community, but across the world. Income Stability in a fair…

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Spilling the Beans on a Coffee Fundraiser!

  It’s always a great time for a coffee fundraiser, so we’re here to spill the beans on java sales! Here’s why we love connecting coffee roasters with local fundraising efforts. Why a Coffee Fundraiser is Practical and Profitable  Coffee is one of the most practical products you can choose for a product fundraiser. it’s available…

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