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Healthy fundraisers are available year round!

FarmRaiser has built our brand on being big produce nerds, which is why we like to spend some time paying homage (and showing off a little bit of our knowledge) to the fruits and veggies that make our world go round. This one is dedicated to the produce that has your back from blistering July…

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Why local fundraisers are the best fundraisers

We were recently featured in the summer 2018 edition of “Edible Michiana,” the Michigan edition of the “Edible Communities” publications. The article discusses the benefits of fresh fundraising vs old school candy fundraising with an anecdote from author Deborah Rieth’s own life. Rieth expresses her preference for FarmRaiser’s market solution to fundraising and how she looks forward to a pint-sized pitcher from her community little league team asking her if she wants to buy some fresh produce to support their team.

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