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Familiar and Forgotten Fall Fruits

The seasons are changing, and so are our top produce picks. Apples are a given. When you think of fall you are probably thinking of going apple picking at an orchard or hot cider on the day it finally gets a little too cold. As a kid you may have gone bobbing for apples or…

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Mum’s the Fundraiser

Chrysanthemums are beautiful flowers that are easy to grow and care for, making them ideal for fundraising. As many of us are staying home, we could all use a splash of color to brighten up our days and maybe that of a passing neighbor’s. They’re a fall flower, November’s birth flower, and the colors they…

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Your Best Fundraiser yet: Fall Fruit!

  Fall is almost here and that means more than just the return of your favorite autumnal lattes to your local coffee shops, it means fall fruit in your fundraiser, and in our humble opinion, your best fundraiser! Apples make it easy to have your best fundraiser Apples are a long-standing favorite among our organizers…

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