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New Coffee Provider in Washington State!

There’s good news brewing here at FarmRaiser! We’ve partnered up with Olympic Crest Coffee Roasters to bring Washington state a brand new coffee sales option! Olympic Crest has been in the coffee fundraising game for years, so they know exactly how to pull off a profitable and delightful fundraiser. Best yet, they’re not just available…

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Celebrating the Arrival of Local Apples

Apples have long been a fruit tied closely to the coming of fall. In Michigan, droves of people (local foodies or not) flock to the apple orchards come fall for fresh pressed apple cider – making the apple orchard one of the most common ways for Michiganders to connect with their local agriculture scene. Although…

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Bow Hill Blueberries

The Bow Hill Blueberry Farm (Bow, WA) has been a staple partner for FarmRaiser in Washington since we started working there. The farm sits on the original property of the Anderson Blueberry Farm, in the fertile lands of the Skagit Valley. They’ve been an established farm since 1947, making them the oldest family-run blueberry farm…

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