Tulip Fundraisers Made Easy with RoozenGaarde!

Hi there, FarmRaiser friend! Here’s a riddle to reveal the new product available for FarmRaisers nationwide!

Q: What flowers grow on faces?

A: Tulips (Two-lips)!


That’s right–you can now jumpstart your spring or Mother’s Day tulip fundraisers with beautiful, fresh cut tulips from our newest flower vendor!

FarmRaiser is proud to connect you with RoozenGaarde Garden Center, whose award-winning tulips will delight your supporters while helping you raise money for your cause. As the sun comes out and Mother’s Day approaches, your customers will be buying flowers anyway…they might as well help fund your school garden, playground, or trip!


FarmRaiser makes tulip fundraisers easy!

Use our platform to pre-sell tulips from a beautifully curated market, then let us worry about ordering. No more confusing order forms, paying for product up-front, or guessing on order size. Also, if you currently host a “market day” where you sell flowers the day of the event, talk with us about how our order and logistics management can make your life easier!

Ready to start some tulip fundraisersSign up today (it’s free!) or log in and schedule your next campaign to get started!

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