The magic of a Vidalia Onion Fundraiser

Ah, spring is finally in the air again, and the spring harvest have brought in a surprising fundraising star this year; vidalia onions from Mr. Onion Man himself! Vidalia onions you say? There’s just a handful of foods that are so special that they are protected by law. Only onions that are grown in a very specific region of Georgia can be considered authentic Vidalia onions. The rare, low sulfur soil is the only environment that can help handkraft the magical bulbs. There’s something to the delicious sweet vegetable that has inspired plotlines in movies that makes groups like the Lions and 4-H clubs love them, and we’re here to tell you what it is, and FarmRaiser is here to offer you the same quality product, with exciting tools to make your onion fundraiser easier than ever.

Profit is key in a vidalia onion fundraiser

We don’t have to spill the gospel of produce in fundraisers, it’s not a secret that we love a good fruit and veggie medley. We think the best fundraisers incorporate a little bit of the US farm community in them. Here’s why: Produce in fundraisers are effective: everyone needs produce, and we work with farmers to bring you the season’s best at great prices,  meaning that they’re super profitable. Another reason why the vidalia onion might be the secret superstar of your spring fundraiser? They’re healthy and delicious: the best way to get kids to eat fruits and veggies is to serve them great-tasting farm-fresh produce.  Or you could cover it in cheese and butter — either way, you’re in for a treat.

Vidalia onion fundraiser: a case study in Versatility

Ok if you’re still skeptical about the almighty onion fundraiser, here’s another reason that we think a vidalia onion fundraiser is a superstar in hiding. Vidalia onions are the super versatile stars of the onion world. From a standard delicious roasted vidalia onion that tastes so similar to french onion soup that you won’t believe you’re not indulging in the savory soup to a classic onion ring that will make this normal side dish sing, vidalia onions are here to be the best tool in your kitchen! It won’t take much convincing to show your customers that buying a couple of pounds of onions in your vidalia onion fundraiser can help them create a couple of culinary spectacles that are sure to impress even the pickiest palate. What’s my favorite onion recipe? One that’s inspired by the movie that praised the health benefits of onions–Holes. Ok we know that technically they were in Texas so Sam the onion farmer wasn’t exactly growing vidalias, but this sweet onion and peach salsa is a crowd pleaser, and the best sweet onions are of course the mighty Vidalias.

Who is the Onionman, the king of the vidalia onion fundraiser?

Shad the Onion man is the fourth generation in his family to be involved in the Vidalia onion business. With over a hundred years of experience in growing, packing, and shipping onions, you know your vidalia onion fundraiser will be in good hands with him. Trusted by Shriners, civic groups, Lions clubs, and more, Shad has your back when it comes to all your onion fundraising needs.

Want to get started? Get more info about a vidalia onion fundraiser, or email us at if you have any questions.

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