Tips for a Successful Web-Only Campaign

Ready to make your web-only FarmRaiser blow up? Here are some helpful tips to publicize and promote your sale!

  1.  Start publicizing your FarmRaiser in advance–let parents, community members, and other supporters know it’s coming (and what products you’re selling!) by putting up flyers, making an announcement on social media, talking about it in your school/org’s newsletter, etc. Don’t forget to include WHY you’re hosting a FarmRaiser–the products you’re selling are exciting, but what’s really awesome is raising money for your cause. A true win-win!
  2.  If you haven’t already, recruit several people to help you promote your FarmRaiser both before and while the campaign is happening. These might be fellow parents/PTA members, select teachers, or staff members. Try creating a mini-editorial calendar with assignments for each person so you know exactly when your FarmRaiser is getting publicized on social media, in the school newsletter, in a press release, etc. We know from experience that your campaign will not be successful if you only send out one or two emails. Supporters need to be reminded and updated o frequently to ensure success. You can’t talk about it enough.
  3.  If you can, host a kickoff event where you tell as many people as possible about what you’re supporting with your fundraising proceeds and the products you’re selling. Talk with your Cultivator about getting some samples of products for the meeting as well. Make sure to have at least one computer or tablet available at the kickoff so that supporters can make their purchases right there!
  4.  Tag the producers who are supplying your campaign in all social media posts so it shows up on their pages.
  5.  Send students home with a letter about your FarmRaiser. Make sure to include the link to it in big, bold letters. 
  6.  Select a few folks to register and sell from the app. Even though you’re not having everyone register, even a few dedicated folks selling face to face to their friends, coworkers, etc. can drastically increase sales.
  7.  Ask your school’s administration to remind students and teachers about the FarmRaiser and update them on how much as been raised at least a couple of times a week. Have teachers keep extra copies of a letter that includes an explanation of your FarmRaiser and the link to it, just in case kids need extra.
  8.  Post a flyer at your workplace with the link to your FarmRaiser so that coworkers can support you.
  9.  Ask the front office of your school or organization to leave your market pulled up on a tablet or computer (ideally with a sign that says “SUPPORT OUR FARMRAISER HERE! or something to that effect) so that anyone who enters will be prompted to support you.
  10.  Post a countdown on social media during the last week of your campaign, and/or email the countdown to parents if that’s appropriate.
  11.  PUSH HARD the last few days of the campaign–social media posts, email blasts, letters home, etc. Well-meaning supporters will often wait till the last minute to support a campaign and then accidentally miss the cut-off date.
  12.  After your sale ends, write a heartfelt thank you and summary of the campaign to your supporters (FarmRaiser provides this list). This will help develop a culture around FarmRaiser in your community.
  13. On Distribution Day, take pictures and post to social media, include in newsletter, etc. Talk to a few folks and get some quotes from on re: the products they received and why they supported your FarmRaiser. When people see the great products they missed out on, they’ll be sure to support you in the future.

If you want more ideas or want to brainstorm about other ways to publicize the sale, post questions in the comments section below, or  email your Cultivator!

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