What FarmRaiser’s All About!

Reinventing School Fundraisers with Local, Healthy Food!

FarmRaiser founder, Mark Abbott, had finally had enough of his kids hawking unhealthy products to their family, friends, and neighbors when he decided to found new school fundraising company, FarmRaiser. This reinvention of the time-honored tradition of product-based school fundraising eliminates the unhealthy, sugar-laden products chock full of preservatives. Instead, schools participating in a FarmRaiser enlist their students to sell healthy products from local farmers and food artisans to their family and friends. In the process, students learn about the importance of feeding their body right and the local economy of every community where FarmRaiser works is supported in the process!

FarmRaiser creates their product lists by partnering with farmers and artisans making products like kale chips, dried fruit, peanut butter, coffee, preserves, salsas, and more in every community where they work.

Together we can reinvent fundraising!

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