Your best Spring fundraiser ever!

Ahh spring…do you remember what that was like? As we desperately attempt to keep warm here in the Northeast, we like to try our best to reminisce about warmer days and think about our favorite products from spring fundraisers past.

Produce: the cornerstone of your spring fundraiser

Produce is a star in spring fundraisers. Check out why produce fundraisers are the best fundraisers from our fall fruit blog post. Spring is such a fun time for produce. Special crops like Vidalia onions are in bloom and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Produce is a favorite for us year round, and it’s not hard to tell why. Fresh produce is a weekly staple in almost every household, so having produce in your spring fundraiser is super practical. Including produce in your spring fundraiser is an awesome way to introduce veggies that you might not normally buy into your household and community. My favorite thing about spring? Spring fruit is back! Nothing reminds me of warm weather more than huge strawberries and delicious sweet cherries, yum!Check out this awesome recipe for no sugar jam that lets the natural sweetness of the strawberries do the talking.

Flowers are perfect for a spring fundraiser

Flowers are incredibly popular on FarmRaiser, and it’s easy to tell why. Highly profitable, beautiful, and well loved–flowers are a superstar in any fundraiser in any and every season. From mums in the fall, poinsettias in the winter, and then the ever so famous flower baskets in the spring, we love flowers year round! Flowers make great gifts and are super easy to plan a themed fundraiser around! (Here’s a great post from our friends at Equal Exchange about why having a theme for your spring fundraiser is a great idea.) Mother’s Day and Easter are perfect for a quick hanging basket sale, and tulips are perfect around this time! Flowers and seeds also go together perfectly in a spring fundraiser. We can’t stop singing the praises of seeds in fundraisers, but we’ll let you read more about that here.

Artisan Gifts in your spring fundraiser

What could be better than surprising your loved one (or let’s be honest, yourself) with an awesome treat from an artisan vendor. From body care to sweet treats to award winning cheeses FarmRaiser has everything you need for your fundraiser to become the talk of the town! One of our favorite artisan treats? Coffee! Coffee fundraisers are super easy to run, extremely profitable, and can you name anything better than the smell of boxes and boxes of small batch, locally roasted coffee? We love coffee fundraisers so much that we wrote an entire blog post spilling the beans on why all your fundraiser should include coffee. Bonus coffee post: check our blog post on why your next coffee fundraiser should be fair trade.

Spring is right around the corner, so make sure you get started soon!

For more information on local products, or any other questions feel free to send us a note at Already know what you’re doing? Start your campaign today–don’t worry, it’s free and noncommittal.  

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